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large diameter hdpe pipe

HDPE pipe for sale has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-leakage and large flow rate. The inner pipe wall is extremely smooth, and it is not easy to retain dirt. It can be recycled and used for many times, and it has better environmental protection.HDPE pipe supplier is suitable for water supply, drainage, industrial liquids, municipal engineering, agricultural irrigation, etc.

Size/Diameter 20 MM To 1200 MM
Pressure Rating/ PN Class PN4/PN6/PN8/PN10
Material Grade PE 100
Length of Pipe Customize
Brands Various
Material Grades PE100/PE80/PE63

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● hdpe pipe for sale can be used for general-purpose pressure water transmission and drinking water transmission. His surface color indicates that his use is mainly for water-related pipes (water supply pipes), gas pipes in yellow, fire-fighting pipes in red and mining pipes.

● There are mainly municipal buried water supply, building water supply (drainage), farmland irrigation, waterscape engineering and so on. In water supply pipeline engineering, provides huge uses.All sizes are injection molded, strong and stable.

● It has the characteristics of high toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, rust resistance, non-toxicity and hygiene. It is an ideal water supply pipeline, which can be connected by socket welding, butt welding and electrofusion. The construction process is simple, low cost, safe and reliable.